About Us

ART HOUSE WALLPAPAER is a reputable company based in Nagpur. We started our business since 2010. We are a wallpaper printing company committed to the vision of offering perfect setting to your personal and professional spaces. With an exhaustive product line, our company is well established and command an authoritative position borne out of competence and hard work across our markets. We are a striving go-getter wallpaper printing company that tirelessly seek to be the perfect solution to enhance any residential or business space alike. We offer an expertise in providing an integrated, contemporary and durable range of decor products. We are proficient in creating vibrant wall furnishing solutions to match any decor and specifications. Your delight is our strong suit as we diligently deliver pleasant experiences to you. Our themes are handpicked and contemporary. We deliver experiences that program you to think out-of-the-box, customize and personalize your wall coverings like no other. We have a dedicated Printing machinery – HP Latex Digital Printing Machine. With our in-house wallpaper printing infrastructure in India, we promise a quality transaction catering to our customer’s most challenging demands and on-time deliveries.